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2011-01-27 09:55:50 by F-Ninja

I just watched all my movies. They suck lol! Except for the collab at least.


2011-01-26 15:18:50 by F-Ninja

I had an idea yesterday. Ever heard your parents tell you two wrongs don't make a right? Same here. I think this could go well.

I'm Back!

2011-01-21 16:30:04 by F-Ninja

Just started coming back onto this site. Got the trail version of Flash Pro CS5, so I'll try to make some stuff.

New Flash

2008-11-26 16:41:17 by F-Ninja

I am making a new flash and I need one line. The line is as follows.

Yeah, I went there. I think it will be hilarious if I can get the animation done. When I finish the animation I will start asking for someone to do the voice or if any one wants to do it, record the sound then put it in a .fla file and upload it on and send me the .fla link. Much appreciated.


Stuff about Stuff

2008-11-15 18:32:37 by F-Ninja

Second "Stuff about Stuff" post! This one is all other people so post your stuff now!

Also, I got a new nickname, the Panty Pirate. So go ahead and make your puns.

Stuff about Stuff

2008-10-25 20:53:00 by F-Ninja

Welcome, to F-Ninja's Stuff about Stuff. A "show" about stuff about me and other Newground users. They can be personal or about your new flash. Just post your stuff for everyone to see. I will put my stuff here too for you to read so you can see a bit more into my daily life.

Flash Stuff: I haven't made any flash for a while now but I am waiting for everyone in my collab to finish up there parts. I am thinking of making this Stuff about Stuff into a flash series but I want some feedback on the idea first. Well, thats all I got for now.

Personal Stuff: Well, for starters I got a girlfriend now and her name is Katherine. I have known her for about two years and we were god friends until one day we were doing the meap in school but her, Jacob, one of my friends, and me didn't have our name on a table in the cafeteria so we had a table to ourselves in the corner. We did the work then talked a bit, then she asked for my number. I gave it to her and she gave me hers. Turns out she is bi and we are going to the movies sometime soon, hopefully she has the time on Sunday next week when I have the money. Anyways, incase you didn't know I am in Highschool, not telling which one but I am a freshmen, and it sucks to be a freshmen. I have been chosen for "Freshmen Friday" twice so far so that sucks, and thats all I can think of for now.

Alright now you have read my stuff now post your stuff!

Line Life Reborn

2008-10-06 14:55:23 by F-Ninja

As the title suggests I have brought back the Line Life series. I accept animations to put into them but you must inform me on the post it says the movie is being started. I will accept almost all parts and I will post the preferences.

In other news the Line Life Collab 2 is going great. Three parts are already done and if everyone works hard we may be done before Halloween which is my goal.

Well thats it for now. Go vote 5 on my movies now!!!

New Flash

2008-10-03 17:08:02 by F-Ninja

I submitted Math Homework! Go vote on it and review it. Here's hoping it passes. Cheers.

In other news the Line Life Collab entries are closed unless someone drops out. In which case I will inform you on here. Two parts are finishes and the music has been chosen. It's going good so far!

J's Anime Tut 2

2008-09-29 16:22:38 by F-Ninja

Day 6: I took the weekend off so I gotta get back to work. School really gets in the way of making flash. About that spraypaint thing, when someone tells me how to put up pics I will. I am gonna try to get another section in today if I find the time. So far I think this is the longest I have taken to make a flash, except the Line Life Collab which was delayed a while because of size problems. Well thats it for now I might put in how long it took for me to, from start to submission, make the Line Life Collab. Okay, like I said I would, the Line Life Collab started on 3/30/08 and was finally submitted 8/20/08 so it took about 5 months to make, organize, and fix up the collab, interesting.

Day 7: I didn't add anything yet, this next weekend I will have alot of time to work, a four day weekend! Maybe if I work hard enough I can finish it this weekend, but I doubt it. Also, I have been working on a side flash, for those you saw it, it is a remake of my "F-Ninja's First Flash" which I had found I think two days ago. I am remaking it but so far I haven't done much work on it at all. Wow, end of the first week, interesting.

Day 8: I didn't do much work but I added a cool sketchy backgorund for the menu. I have started the second Line Life Collab as well. I am also nearly finished with the "F-Ninja's First Flash" remake. Heres a link to the collab forum. 6065


2008-09-26 16:32:09 by F-Ninja

It seems I have fans because at a local church someone spraypainted my old logo on a wall behind it. I was taking a shortcut to Critters to visit the alligator when I saw them. I will try to post them when I learn how to. It's pretty cool, getting some publicity. Well, post your opinions and if you can tell me how to put some pics of it up that would be appreciated.

In other news, I am starting another Anime Tutorial. I don't know if I will go through all the way but it is getting started. If anyone wants to put a section in go ahead and make one and send the .fla to me, you will get full credit for that section.

Thats all for now, this coming from your moms house, the moneys under the pillow. =P (jk)

EDIT 9/27/08: So far I have made 2 sections, Basic Head where I show how to draw a face, and Hair where I show how to draw hair and how to make it shine! So far it has taken 3 days, which is long for me since I usually work really fast and have ideas sprout quickly but I guess not this time.